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When I decided to remodel my office, I didn't know how to start. My wife suggested that I phone a local remodelling contractor. The contractor inspected the space and made lots of useful suggestions about how I could make best use of the space. Once we had made a plan, the contractor got to work transforming the space. I was amazed at the speed with which the old office was transformed into a modern workplace. I wanted to start a blog so I could write about what I have learnt about remodelling an office. I hope you enjoy the articles I have published here.

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3 Reasons to Replace All Your Home's Stumps

If you've had a reblocking survey and your contractor has found some problems with your home's supports, then you need to do some work on them. In some cases, this involves replacing some of the stumps under your home; in others, they all need replacement.

However, it's not always clear if you need to go the whole hog here and have a complete reblock. When is this a good idea?

1. You Have Widespread Problems

If you only have problems with a couple of stumps, then you might get away with replacing them and leaving the others as they are. However, your contractor should check the condition of all your supports to work out how sound they are before you make this decision.

If you have a lot of damage to a lot of stumps, then it makes sense to have the whole property reblocked at the same time. This is especially important if it looks like the supports that are currently sound might fail in the not-too-distant future.

For example, if you have older wooden stumps, then you have a higher risk that the wood will rot at some point even if it is currently OK in parts. A complete replacement might cost more now. However, this might cost less in the long run than having some of the work done now and then having to go through the process again in the future.

2. You're Switching Materials

If you live in an older property with wooden stumps, then your contractor will probably advise that you use a more long-lasting and stable material such as concrete or steel for your new supports.

If you're changing the type of material you use, it makes sense to have everything changed at the same time. Different materials don't always mix or work together well. New stumps will provide a more even and effective support if they are all of the same type.

3. You Want Extra Space

When you restump a property, you can also have it raised. If the current supports are in a bad way — say if they are very worn down — then this often happens automatically when you replace them. Sometimes, you can also decide to add a little extra height.

If you're short on space, then this added height could be useful. However, for it to work, you would need to have all your stumps redone at the same time.

Your restumping contractor can tell you more about your options and recommended solutions.