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How to Remodel Your Office

When I decided to remodel my office, I didn't know how to start. My wife suggested that I phone a local remodelling contractor. The contractor inspected the space and made lots of useful suggestions about how I could make best use of the space. Once we had made a plan, the contractor got to work transforming the space. I was amazed at the speed with which the old office was transformed into a modern workplace. I wanted to start a blog so I could write about what I have learnt about remodelling an office. I hope you enjoy the articles I have published here.

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Design Hacks for an Affordable Bathroom Renovation

Considering that your bathroom endures high usage daily, it comes as no surprise that it is vulnerable to losing its lustre faster than other rooms in the house, as it is exposed to extreme environments such as continual moisture, high heat and so on. When this room is in disrepair, it automatically depreciates your home.

If you have been putting off remodelling your bathroom due to insufficient funds, you should know that embarking on this project does not have to break the bank. With a few tips and tricks, you can bring your dream bathroom to life. Here is an outline of a couple of design hacks you can use for an affordable bathroom renovation.

Refinishing and resurfacing over replacing

The moist conditions of the bathroom coupled with the fact that this area is dedicated to the elimination of grime all contribute to the eventual degradation of the various surfaces in this space! With time, you will notice that your once gleaming porcelain sink has now yellowed, and this makes it appear dirty irrespective of how much effort you put into scrubbing it clean. The same goes for your tiling, your bathtub, the fixtures and so on. For many homeowners, this would prompt them to start planning on replacing all these elements.

And while replacement does provide you with shiny new components that elevate the visual appeal of the space, buying brand new items is an expensive endeavour. A better solution for your pocket would be investing in professional refinishing and resurfacing. Old, stained porcelain tiles, for instance, can be regrouted and resurfaced, and this not only transforms their appearance but also allows you to change their colour if you wish.

Do not touch your plumbing's layout

If you did not build your house from scratch, you probably take issue with the placement of a few things. For example, you may not be happy with the fact that your sink is located on the opposite wall from the toilet, which would mean having to walk across the room to wash your hands. No matter the issue, you should consider refraining from adjusting the layout of the plumbing if you are intent on saving some money during the bathroom renovation.

Changing the layout of the plumbing is not only a time-intensive endeavour but is also quite laborious. If you are paying your contractors by the hour, the charges can pile up exponentially. A better option would be to work around what you have. For example, if you were thinking of changing the layout to make this room more spacious, you may want to opt for amenities with smaller footprints than the ones currently in the bathroom to help you achieve this goal.